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If nothing goes right, go left.
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on hiatus !!


im stronger than u

deer ba,
ur weak and smol so i have to protect y- jkjk aaa we've known each ohter for like 4000 years now not really more like uhm ? almost 3 years now!! i remember when i first met you and we were chatting on some website and u were in a aot cosplay coughs as i expose u to the world- i thought u were like really old like 17 ? but no you were like 5 making mmd stuff- REALLY THOUGH, ur friendship!!! means the world to me i love u lots and lots and lots! you're always there for me even when im mean and grumpy and a sourpuss and you're always so positive to everyone and look at the world so optimistically, it's hard to be upset when you're around or whenever i talk to you aha//. you're always so supportive and you never hold a grudge and because of that it's very easy to trust and depend on you!! sobs i wanna cry because i have trouble making friends and stuff but it's so so easy to talk to you and i trust u with my lief and my password snorts. thank you for always being there for me everyone blease be nice to ba because shes super nice but like i mean even if you're mean she'll still be nice because shes just so sweet and good natured lol i lov u u can eat me if you want i dont mind-------
lov, snarsi-

hey binch (ba, in numerous chronological honor) it me matthew ass- jk but uh it me (the man who doesnt know how to use coding to make this message look nice)
you're a meme a hyperactive meme who loves the onceler and gross jacob satorius why do u torture urself like that- jKJK,,, you're good pal my man we been buds for quite sometime. you're always so optimistic idk how you do it man too pure (even tho ur a huge sinner, don't let the world kno-). you're a sheep never forget the time you put your face in the toilet for us as a dare,,can;t believe you did that,,,wild child.... nah but i love you,,,an its real precious that u still always wear the necklace i sent to you,,,treasure it it'll be my only remaining memory when i die--- pFF but uh,,, i remember first meeting you i thought u were like 18....idk so,,,the ffuckgin vocaloid picture you had im never gonna forget that but you're actually a small child, too small,,, aaahhm,, i always find it funny when i say that ive made a new oc and that i can never use them, and you just,,"no matt,, we need them. please,,put them in the world!" even though i have like 100,,,,you just,,never enough- ppFPpf,,, but we have been through some tough times my dude an i'm always here for you when stuff gets bad so don't forget that,, <3333 stay beejamswaggy my bro,, also 60 degrees is not cold you just live in the hottest state how do u manage....u truly are the big strong bara sheep huh-
with love, ur buddy matthew anus


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